Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And He's off...!

And He's off...to the beginning of the rest of his life.

We took James to college this past weekend.  I remember when he 
was small I pinged out two jingles on the piano.  
One for Alycia and one for James.  James's went something like this:

James is our little man and one day He'll grow 
up to be a big man like his daddy,
But until then we'll love him all we can
'Til He grows up to be a big man.

Well, that time has come.  First semester he attended Mitchell Community 
College here in Statesville.  He's now at Pensacola Christian College.  
It is such a treat to see how exciting life is going to be for him.  
He will be studying accounting.  I was able to choose his birthday, April 15th.  
I thought that it was quite appropriate since his dad was an 
accountant that he be born on Tax Day.  

James has been such a joy to our lives.  He loves the Lord and served faithfully by
our sides in Mexico and later here at Iglesia Bautista Calvario.
We miss him already, but know that the Lord has great plans for his life.
Can't wait to get back down to the college for another visit!


  1. We're proud of your boy too! :) Wesley said churches need good accountants! LOL Praying that the Lord will use James for His glory.

  2. So excited for him! He has such a tender heart and friendly spirit. I'm sure he will find many opportunities for ministry and be a blessing to those he meets through this door of opportunity at PCC! What a wonderful reason (excuse) to visit Florida!!!